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About Graffiti Heart

The ability to create pathways that direct youth towards graffiti as a creative legitimate art form through approved commissioned projects that ultimately help revitalize and sustain our urban neighborhoods while funding educational opportunities for the underserved youth.

Arts and education embody the fabric of our society and are the elements that create and foster sustainability.   The graffiti art form is one that has not always been recognized as legitimate art, and has often been characterized as the work of vandals, painting unwanted scripts and illustrations onto our communities’ canvases.   Even so, urban street art and graffiti and the many artists who illustrate and display their creative work onto the landscape of cities around the world are increasingly gaining respect in the art space.  Urban street artists have evolved through the underground, learning their trade from self-taught illustrators, demonstrating artistic talents that display cultural symbolisms and intrinsic illustrations that speak to the hearts and minds of our youth.

Graffiti HeArt was founded in 2013 with the purpose to promote graffiti and mural street art as an appreciated art form through aspiring talented artists, resulting in charitable contributions that fund art scholarships for underserved youth and urban development projects in Northeast Ohio.  Graffiti HeArt is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.  Read the Founder’s story of the evolution of Graffiti HeArt.

Charitable contributions are used to fund art scholarships for the underserved youth who have passion and potential for the arts.  Portions of the funds are also used fund urban revitalization projects in the community through approved murals that not only beautify spaces, but also help deter illegal graffiti “tagging” on bridges, walls, buildings or other surfaces in the neighborhoods.  These two philanthropic areas of focus have strong synergy with the needs of Northeast Ohio, both from an art form as well as through community redevelopment activities and expansion.

Graffiti HeArt partners with a broad cadre of established urban artists.  Participating donors (or property owners interested in requesting a commissioned project) may select one of the participating artists to create the art on their property or alternative canvas of their choosing (aligning with nearby landscape and municipal codes).

Artists interested in participating in the Graffiti HeArt’s mission applying their artistic talent and experience should contact Graffiti HeArt at .  Please include examples of your work.

If you would like to inquire about the possibility of commissioning a project on your property or on other forms of canvas, please contact and include your general geographic location in the email.

Inspiring Health & Art in the Community

“Inspiring Health and Art in the community”

GH_LogoThis is the mission of Graffiti HeArt, a non-profit organization focused on promoting urban graffiti and street art in positive ways by showcasing urban artists and art through commissioned projects on various approved canvases. Urban community revitalization as well as educational scholarships for the underserved youth and aspiring artists is our purpose.

Tour the Graffiti HeArt site and contact us ( ) if you are interested in funding a commissioned project, or if you would like to sponsor a graffiti mural project.