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June 29, 2018

Cleveland-based nonprofit Graffiti HeArt makes its debut in Tremont with a “Welcome To Tremont” mural designed to capture the essence of the historic neighborhood with cool vibes and popular landmarks from this trendy urban community of Cleveland. The new art installation will be framed on the North-facing wall of the Tremont Convenience Food Mart at 2630 West 14th Street, Cleveland, and is made possible by Graffiti HeArt featuring two of its participating artists Vic Savage and Alan Gilbertson who are installing the mural between June 27 – July 13, 2018.

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Nearly two years ago, Omar Khanfar, Manager of the food mart had contacted Stamy Paul, President and Founder of Graffiti HeArt, inquiring about painting a mural on their store front. Soon after, the planning process began and the mural curation began until an unfortunate smash and grab incident happened which demolished their store front requiring significant reconstruction and repairs to the building. “I remember receiving a call from Stamy the morning after the incident, and I was not yet aware of the attempted robbery at the store,” Omar shared. “We had many plans to make updates to the front of our building, including the mural installation and updates to lighting. Our building has been vandalized a few times including illegal tags and we wanted to give the building a facelift while also incorporating a vibrant mural that related to many in the Tremont community as well as those who frequent Tremont, and newcomers to the area. Graffiti HeArt was the perfect partner to help us achieve our goals,” Omar added.

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Graffiti HeArt is also responsible for other public murals including the “Greetings From Cleveland” mural (September 2015) by Vic Ving, the “More Heart Than Art” mural (circa September 2017) by Eileen Dorsey and Ish Muhammad, the color block mural (April 2017) at Tyler Village, and most recently the “Mujeres Fuertes” mural (April 2018) in Cayey, Puerto Rico which was done as a humanitarian project. Through these and many other corporate and private projects, as well as fundraising events, the organization has raised $20,000 towards art scholarships for underserved teens for this Summer’s Pre-College Program at Cleveland Institute of Art. “Each year we have been able to make a bigger impact towards the scholarship program, sending more kids through the program at C.I.A.,” Paul shared. “We are pleased that we have been able to donate $45,000 to the Graffiti HeArt Scholarship fund with C.I.A. since 2015, and being a grass-roots volunteer run organization, this is an impact that we feel is worth it.

IMG_9892Graffiti HeArt is planning a ribbon-cutting unveiling ceremony on Friday, July 13th, at 3:00PM at the store with city officials, as well as a mural celebration event on Saturday, July 14th, 12:00PM at the mural location at Tremont Convenience Food Mart. Please follow Graffiti HeArt’s “Welcome to Tremont” mural installation project and tell your friends about the organization #graffitiheart. Donations help provide art scholarships for underserved youth *donate here*. Graffiti HeArt is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Cleveland. Through the many projects that Graffiti HeArt leads, scholarship funds are raised while artists receive commissions and are promoted through the creative work that they do to help revitalize and beautify spaces. If you have a wall or space that you want to come alive, contact Graffiti HeArt at (440) 781-4515.

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