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Blek le Rat Coming to Graffiti HeArt this August!

Blek le Rat will be arriving in Cleveland in August week on behalf of Graffiti HeArt, painting 4 murals at locations to be announced later.  This is a historical event in the making to host legend Blek le Rat in Cleveland, while also joining him for the first time ever, TAKI 183. The two will join in on a collaboration at the Graffiti HeArt museum on August 12 & 13th!

Graffiti HeArt is currently seeking Sponsors for this epic event! For interest in how to become a sponsor, contact

Community partners include Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, Warehouse District, Platform, and CLE Urban Winery.

“This special event is history in the making. Hosting Blek le Rat is a rare opportunity for Cleveland, and his trip to the U.S. is a chance of a lifetime for our community and for Graffiti HeArt. Bringing Blek from France and TAKI from New York City to meet one another for the very first time, is groundbreaking. The two have high admiration for one another and will collaborate at the Graffiti HeArt museum in August”, said Paul.  

Banksy was partly inspired by Blek le Rat, real name Xavier Prou, 70.

Follow @GraffitiHeArt1, #graffitiheart or for more information on the mural locations and event details!

Artists, walls, education…this is what it’s all about.  Serving our mission to accelerate graffiti artform in approved commissioned spaces, beautifying communities, raising awareness of the masses of talent in our neighborhoods, in our artist community.  Funding art education scholarships for underserved youth, that don’t have the resources or access to such opportunities.  All part of this grassroots volunteer-run non-profit.  It’s been magical, to say the least. 

Since 2015, Graffiti HeArt has produced and funded more than 40 public murals and has also funded more than $100,000 of scholarships for underserved teens through the at the Cleveland Institute of Art. We could not do this good work for artists and students without your support!  Please consider making a donation to Graffiti HeArt. Thank you!   #blektaki2022

We could not do this good work for artists and students without your support!

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