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The Founder’s Story

DSC_0184Graffiti art and urban culture are strong passions of Stamy Paul, Founder of Graffiti HeArt.  Through her travels over the years that have taken her to more than 15 countries in 4 continents across the world, with one prominent theme wherever she goes – urban graffiti art.  Whether in Rome, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Bristol, or Cleveland, graffiti art form is a common landscape carried across urban canvases along trains, buildings, walls, under bridges, in galleries, and even in our homes.

Over time, examples of commissioned art continue to be present through the exploration of urban graffiti and street art.  Some of the urban art can be found spanned across tall buildings, while others come in the form of more subtle writing, stenciling, or wheat pasting that illustrates the expression of the artists.   Analogous to the work of Picasso or Andy Warhol, graffiti has become high-end pop art, with the likes of Banksy’s, pieces auctioning at more than $500,000 for charity, while similar canvas pieces by the same artist had been sold secretly on the streets NYC for $60 per canvas, unbeknownst by the patrons.

Stamy researched various artists and eventually came in contact with an artist in NYC who in turn hired a local Cleveland artist to commission a graffiti art project in her home in the neighborhood of Tremont, in Cleveland, Ohio. Soon after, Stamy worked with the artist to help take her concept design of her heart-shaped hands and graffiti name, and bring it to its final form as the official logo of Graffiti HeArt non-profit organization.


Stamy’s passion of the  expression of graffiti and street art have inspired her to develop a vision to help others gain an appreciation of graffiti and street art as a legitimate art form, bringing positive impacts to the community – both through art education for the youth, as well as through urban development and renewal.

Please come and join the Graffiti HeArt vision and help support our youth’s art education experience and vitalize our community!

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