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“Greetings From” Tour Makes Its Way to Ohio!

How would you like to have your very own “Greetings From” mural painted on your favorite wall or building to promote your town? That’s exactly what friends of Graffiti HeArt, Victor Ving, former NYC graffiti artist and his girlfriend, Lisa Beggs, professional photographer and Ohio native, are planning across the U.S.A. this year starting this Spring. FullSizeRender-18

Starting in late April, Victor and Lisa will be packing their lives in a RV and traveling the country painting vintage postcard inspired murals. As a graffiti writer for 15 years, Victor got tired of the ego of writing his name over and over and wanted to do something positive for communities with his talent instead. He and Lisa began collecting the large letter vintage postcards and they use them as reference for many of the murals. “It’s a great way to introduce graffiti/street art into communities”, Victor shared. FullSizeRender-32“We try to work with local artists in every city and give them a letter to do what they do best. I always feel that when dong public art, it’s important to connect with the community and not just paint your art without any significance to where it will be. Once you leave, the locals will have to deal with looking at it so you should be working WITH locals to create something that belongs to them. I feel that this is a very important aspect of public art”.

GF-Canton Victor and Lisa made their way to Canton, Ohio this month and painted a vintage “Greetings From Canton” mural with local artist, Steve Ehret see more here. Each letter encapsulates a different landmark or symbol of the Canton community, including the Ohio state flag, President McKinley, NFL football Hall of Fame, amongst others including Steve Ehret’s creature in the letter “O”.

Victor and Lisa will be traveling across the midwest, west, and eventually make their way back to Ohio, where Graffiti HeArt will be looking for interested sponsors and building owners to offer up for a local “Greetings From” mural! Just think of promoting Cleveland, Collinwood, Tremont, Ohio City or another local community with an authentic vintage postcard mural! To learn more about Victor and Lisa’s journey as well as information on how to become a sponsor for the “Greetings From” project, click here

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“Inspiring Health and Art in the community”

GH_LogoThis is the mission of Graffiti HeArt, a non-profit organization focused on promoting urban graffiti and street art in positive ways by showcasing urban artists and art through commissioned projects on various approved canvases. Urban community revitalization as well as educational scholarships for the underserved youth and aspiring artists is our purpose.

Tour the Graffiti HeArt site and contact us ( ) if you are interested in funding a commissioned project, or if you would like to sponsor a graffiti mural project.